COMPASSION SATISFACTION "JOY WHEN HELPING OTHERS"  Building a relationship with another person can be the most healing activity you can offer them! Compassion Satisfaction is the pleasure you get from helping others and serving to make life better in general for those around you.  Compassion satisfaction is derived from helping, serving, offering oneself as a volunteer and much more.   Compassion is generated from deep within when one sees others being hurt, abandoned, marginalized or mistreated in one way or another.  The empathy for this person produces a desire to do something and once that something is done - it produces a sense of satisfaction of doing what you could do to alleviate some of the pain and suffering from the person you have helped. Help is given with words of encouragement, a hug, prayer, a resource or even a service.   The downside of Compassion Satisfaction is the potential to experience Compassion Fatigue and/or Burnout.  We will wr


SECOND STEP of FIVE FOR OUR JOURNEY BACK TO  COMPASSION SATISFACTION Step #1 - We got Obie - our pet Step #2 - We did a 10-year plan When you are feeling "boxed" in, stressed or overwhelmed, it can be difficult to make decisions, choose strategies, or maintain balance in your life.  This certainly describes some of the experiences we have had over the last few years.  And we knew we did not want to continue in this way.   We set out on a journey to change - to follow what we believe we have been called to do, and at the same time to do it better than ever before.  We were out to recapture our joy, passion and pleasure in each of the decisions related to LAMb, our family and our future.  We wanted to be back in control of our lives instead of letting life control us.  We needed a good plan! For years, Lynn and I have developed a 10-year plan for our lives - seeing many of those plans come to fruition and success.  Then somewhere in the last few yea


PROMISES TO  GIVE YOU  HOPE  TODAY for YOUR TOMORROW These promises have just been posted on factbook by several of our FB friends - wanted to send them along to each of you.  Today - rest in these promises.  And find the sleep that gives you strength and renewal for a wonderful tomorrow.

Compassion Satisfaction to Compassion Fatigue

OBIE - OUR NEW KITTEN THE FIRST OF OUR FIVE STEPS TO HEALTH AND HEALING BACK TO COMPASSION SATISFACTION WHEN YOU CARE YOU ARE VULNERABLE Greetings, We are Lynn and Ruby Johnston.  We are walking a journey with LAMb International - serving across the globe helping to build the capacity of those persons working with Orphans and Vulnerable Children.  We have been in this ministry for almost 20 years, working in over 30 countries.   We have experienced many wonderful moments in our time of ministry with LAMb International/Global Capacity Building Network.  Compassion Satisfaction is something we've experienced over and over again - the joy of serving and helping, being called to do this amazing work in our senior years of life...yet over time, something started to happen.  Sadness, doubts, disappointments, fears, sorrow, guilt, self-judgment, on and on....and today, we have a name for it.  Compassion Fatigue. Yes, Compassion Fatigue had stepped into our lives, perhaps